During business hours (usually Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm), I will reply within one hour with a price and a suggested deadline.

    I need you to send me as much information as you can about the project and, ideally, the finalised text for translation:

    • What kind of text is it? (Company report, certificate, advertising…)
    • What do you need it for? (Internal meetings, job applications, entering a new market…)
    • How many words or pages is it? (This is how I calculate my quote)
    • When do you need it? (This may affect the price if you are in a hurry!)
    • Any other relevant information (glossaries, style guides, if certification is required…)

    If you submit this contact form I will contact you to discuss your requirements and my availability. Once agreed, I will translate your text, contacting you if I have any queries, and will return the translation to you before the agreed deadline.

    Please confirm receipt of the translation and I will send the invoice, which can be made out in your chosen currency (usually euros or sterling) and paid via PayPal or bank transfer.